Cleaning Supplies

Be prepared for when the health inspector visits your business or for the next major outbreak with Wholesale Cleaning Supplies from SIM Supply. Whether you’re trying to clean up your facilities or get things tidied up a bit, we have all the cleaning chemicals, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and cleaning gear you’ll need to keep the situation under control.

At SIM Supply, we provide you with everything you need to keep a sanitized environment in order your keep employees and family members safe. Explore our wholesale priced cleaning supplies below.

Finding Trash Receptacles For Your Place Of Business

Trash cans, bathroom cleaners, hand soaps, paper products, and all of the related supplies, are imperative to have in the workforce and at home. If you do not have the necessary cleaning supplies, people could become exposed to harmful bacteria, germs, or viruses that could compromise their immune system.

Safeco receptacles make it easy to provide everything that your business needs at a reasonable price. While you’re at it, you might want to take some time to look into janitorial equipment and janitorial cleaning supplies so you can stock up on all kinds of tools you’ll need to keep the floors and walls of your facility clean at all times.

You might even want to look into solutions such as professional cleaning vacuum cleaners, paper towel dispensers, trash bags, and all-purpose cleaners that can help you make your way through some tough messes. Those who have to manage sizable facilities might want to take a look at new and efficient technology solutions to keep their place tidy with less effort than they might have ever thought possible.

New Wholesale Cleaning Tools For Your Business Venture

The Bissell SmartClean Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum is just one example of an increasingly large family of devices that can help you ensure that everything is clean even if you’re not capable of employing a large staff. Floorcare is now easier than ever with our microfiber cleaning pads. Attach the microfiber cleaning pads to the Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop System and dispose of it pad once it collects all the dust and dirt it can handle.

Unfortunately, there have been companies that are a bit negligent when it comes to their cleaning tasks because they have insufficient staff to handle them. If this sounds at all familiar, then you’re going to want to look into a little mechanical help certainly. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure you’re stocked with sanitizers and detergents, which can help to reduce the risk of spreading infections via virii or the flu. Keep in mind that an overwhelming majority of viral and bacterial infections are preventable by merely taking a few necessary precautions. Sanitize stainless steel and metal objects because bacteria and viruses can live on them up to 72 hours with our Weiman Metal Cleaner and Polish.

Some companies contract other firms to do their cleaning as well. Professional janitorial services have long been a staple of the small business community, and quite a few people manage these on both a local and regional level. These organizations might want to look into stocking some extra supplies as well, just in case they have to tackle some big jobs.

Provide your bathrooms with odor control, such as air fresheners, to keep a pleasant and sterile environment. With our cleaning products, you will be able to create a healthy environment for all your staff members, increase productivity, and reduce sick days.

Get Cleaning Supplies To Tackle the Biggest Jobs From SIM Supply

No matter what kind of organization you operate, there’s always the risk of a pretty big mess. At times, even the most seemingly simple of spills can cause problems. That’s why so many companies have spill kits in place, which are always good to have on hand, especially for retailers. At SIM Supply, you can count on us for all your wholesale cleaning supplies.

Once you’ve given a little thought to your needs, make sure to use our online contact form so we can get you the equipment that will help you keep things clean.

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