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Lawn and garden tools and supplies are essential for giving your front and backyard the tender love and care it needs. At SIM Supply, we provide you with everything you need to keep your lawn and your garden in tip-top shape.

We believe a big part of keeping the house looking clean, kept and organized is by tending to your garden. Our gardens are like mirrors to our personalities; a well-kept garden is a sign of a diligent and caring home-owner while a wild garden can be a sign of a naturalist or ecologist.

Whatever the type you are, we have all the equipment necessary to get your garden to look the way you want it to. Whether you are in the landscaping business or simply have a green thumb at SIM supply, you will find absolutely all lawn and garden tools in your must-have landscaping tools list.

Best Garden Nozzle For The Vegetable Garden

If you have a gardening bed and are growing your own fruits and vegetables then you probably know how important it is to give your garden a lot of attention. Between removing weeds, watching out for pests and trimming the leaves, vegetable gardens need a considerable amount of tender love and care. Most importantly, the adequate amount of sunlight and water is imperative for the health of your garden. Explore our list of best garden hoes below and choose the one that will best hydrate your garden.

Best Garden Plastic 10-Pattern Nozzle, Blue & Gray

This adjustable nozzle has ten different settings so that you can provide patterns and control the amount of water that your plants receive. If you water your plants during the day make sure you don’t get water on the leaves, this can cause the leaves to burn, for this use the soaker or shower setting near the soil. You can use the mist setting or the rinse setting if you water your plants at night, this way a little water on the leaves will not cause your plants to wither.

Hand Tools

Hand Pruner

Pruning your fruits and vegetables is essential to augment the efficiency of photosynthesis and curb the risk of pests & diseases. A properly pruned plant will allow the sun’s rays to hit the plant’s leaves. A good pair of hand tools such as this hand pruner is a must-have in your yard tools list in order to guarantee the health of your garden. Cut through branches, whether they are small branches with thorns or not this hand pruner can do the job. Use gardening gloves to avoid getting pricked.

Gardening Tools At Sim Supply

Whether you are looking for garden forks, leaf blowers or lawn mowers at SIM Supply we’ve got it all. From long-handled leaf rakes to digging forks and hand trowels to garden spades you can count on us for any type of garden tools.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us and our customer service representatives will assist you.

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