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Material Handling

If you work in warehouses or logistics, you are going to need material handling equipment. At SIM Supply, we provide a wide variety of supplies for managing and handling appliances. Explore our curated selection below.

All of the following material designs are compatible with various engineered systems for logistics in mind, such as push back racks, order pickers, conveyor belts, and glide in pallet racks.

Types of Material Handling Equipment

Flat Eye Nylon Sling

This nylon sling will keep all your boxes, equipment, and appliances securely in place. When transporting goods from point A to point B, your valuables could move around and fall, causing damage to the materials, making them no longer suitable for sale. Protect your goods and tightly fasten them with this sling. The nylon material is flexible enough for you to stretch it and bend it as needed.

4ft Green Round Sling

This green round sling works great for keeping pipes together and any other materials with different components, or loose equipment. This bright green sling helps you organize your supplies by color, especially if stored in boxes where you won’t be able to identify the type of materials inside unless you open them. You can also get this round sling in purple, and beige.

Lift-All Wire Rope Sling

This sturdy steel sling is for heavy-duty bulk material handling. It is durable and resistant against weather, extreme temperatures, and abrasion. The wire rope sling is flexible, you can use it to secure pallet racks, move heavy equipment, load dock equipment, lift tables, and to secure items in storage racks and conveyor belts. Each sling comes with a serial number so you can track your accessories while in storage and transportation.

6ft Red Round Sling

Sling this flexible polyester strap around your packages and tie it down to your pallet jack or pallet trucks for safe transport. With this sling, you will be able to easily retrieve your equipment from the conveyor system or drive-in racks and place it on the hand trucks and industrial trucks to prepare for shipping. This equipment includes a tag that identifies how much weight it can handle. 

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Working in a warehouse or running a logistics company that does shipping and handling requires a considerable amount of equipment in order to manage the materials with care.

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